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Ecotourism: the soul of Oltrepo'

Many experts believe firmly that the Oltrepò Pavese - or rather, Terre Diverse - is the perfect territory for the development of (eco) tourism.
These "Terre Diverse", literally "different lands" have been for a long time the destination of a tourist flow of some significance. This has allowed many locals to start answering the question of the provision of hotel accommodation. The touristic offer, however, has not been able to keep up with the times . Times in which the distances are drastically reduced (for example, you can spend a weekend in the great parks in Europe thanks to the now very low cost of air travel). Not having been able to deliver what is more, that” something different”, however, can and should be brought to the considerable potential catchment area (think of the proximity of Milan and other cities).
Although Terre Diverse of is not the habitat of endemic species, ie plant and animal species unique to a geographical area, they are a place where several endemic species in the Italian and Continental are present at the same time and are often here more easily "accessible" because Oltrepò is the gateway to the Mediterranean and continenta areal, depending on the perspective from which we observe.
The nature lover can see animals and plants typically Mediterranean and at the same time observe other characteristic of the continental range (in this case represented by faunal groups and botanical).
The first group of animals to be treated are the birds, which have the world's highest number of fans and that, consequently, gives rise to the main natural hobby: birdwatching.

Francesco Gatti

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