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Nature and sport in OltrePò: Finding, Making, Enjoy.

By bike, on horseback or hike: here we enjoy nature like this.
Imagine a clear day, one of those days where the eye can wander far and give the impression that everything is close, almost enough to touch. Now imagine you are on the "roof" of OltrePò Pavese: Mount Lesima. Hey ... Look over there! In the south you can see the sea - yes, the sea - rest peacefully there, at the foot of his harsh and ancient beauty. Now shift your attention to the north: the Apennines slopes gently toward the Po Valley, a stretch of land wrapped in the embrace of the Alps… Amazing ...
More than 120 types of butterflies, a paradise for birdwacthing in Italy according to experts, thousands of different plants and flowers in a small plot of land, the soul of the winegrowers in the details of the landscape, the sign of past travelers everywhere ...
A landscape can be enjoyed to the hilt because nature is all right, because relaxation is not boredom. There are constant discoveries at every turn, unexpected views to photograph and amaze your friends, a thousand prospects to admire a wonderful landscape changes every day.
Here the clock choose the pace that you prefer:
• Slow and intriguing tasting a vintage wine or staring at your loved one under the stars. Or are you experiencing that moment endless passing between the preparation and the blow with the golf club on our fields.
• Dynamic and exciting as the sport in contact with pure nature: bike, golf, horse riding facilities for horseback riding, adventure parks, paragliding, archery, and more. Or simply hike in the midst of a great biodiversity.
Ask the bike enthusiasts whether it is worth it or not to get a scollinata in OltrePò. Find out a bit about what is the "salt road" to the sea in Liguria, to see if the trek here is also a trivial or special. Interviewed one of Milan who gave up everything to come in OltrePò to open a riding school to understand the "why".
And then, finally, a bit of relaxation at the spa and a nice dinner: imagine you know better?

The OltrePò you visit, you live.

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